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  • ArmorThane's ArmorLiner voted #1 bedliner material in the world
  • ArmorLiner is a two-component, 1 to 1, 100% solid, fast set, liquid applied polyurea liner system for metal, concrete, fiberglass, and wood surfaces.
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Truck bedliners used to serve only one purpose…protect your truck bed!

However, things have changed, and the old basic sprayed-in bedliner now has many more options. One of those options is color matching. If you’d like to match your bedliner with your polyurea job, we can do it. Simply let us know your color code, and we can match the pigment, so you end up with a beautiful color-matched bedliner.  

Flake Your Look

Another great option is flaking your bedliner. You can have black with a hint of metal flakes sprinkled in as one example. Let’s suppose your truck is blue, and you don’t know what type of bedliner to choose since black would look too boring. How about a black liner with some blue flakes? Ask us for more flake options.

Why Stop With Just The Bed?

Another option that has caught on recently is bedliner polyurea jobs. This is exactly what it sounds like. Instead of stopping with the bed of your truck, we can paint the entire vehicle with bedliner. This option also allows you to color coat it to choose whatever color you would like for the new bed liner paint job.

We suggest going with ArmorLiner for your bedliner application. The ArmorThane ArmorLiner truck bedliner system is the most versatile bedliner product available. 

The ArmorThane Truck Bed Liner network of dealers and applicators is worldwide. You can find us in nearly all 50 states as well as 30 countries. We are available to help with any modification that you might need for your truck bedliner. Call or fill out this form today!

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