ArmorLiner Offers Winter Protection For Truck Beds, Decks, Walkways and Stairs

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People across the country experience harsh winter weather during the winter months. Wet weather presents many challenges. From slippery steps to rusty truck beds, ArmorThane Spray-on Liner applicators can help.

Combating Rust and Corrosion

Pickup Truck After Vortex

ArmorThane’s ArmorLiner allows applicators to offer a permanent solution to rust and corrosion on truck beds and other metal equipment. When snow and ice hit your area, it can cause roads to become clogged with silt and sand which can damage personal and commercial vehicles. As an ArmorThane applicator, you can increase sales and build revenue streams by signing contracts to treat fleets of commercial vehicles with ArmorLiner.

Superior Protection for Wooden Decks

All homeowners know that exposure to the elements can devastate wood decks and patios. ArmorThane Spray-On Liner creates a waterproof seal that protects the underlying wood from mold, dry rot, insect infestations, and other factors that lead to deterioration.

Preservation of Concrete, Brick, or Stone
Brick, and Stone

Vortex Refinishing Car Port

Water freezes and thaws small cracks in concrete, brick and stone walkways. ArmorLiner waterproofing can be applied to walkways by homeowners and businesses. This will protect their investment while giving the landscape a professional appearance.


Slip Resistant Stairways

No matter if your clients are homeowners, business owners or not, it is important to remember that slips and falls can happen during winter. ArmorThane encourages all of its applicators to contact clients to see whether a slip-resistant treatment on their stairways and walkways would help reduce their wintertime liability concerns.

NY City Library Steps After
Safety First - Creating Slip Resistant Floors and Surfaces _Wheel Chair Ramp

The Dealer Benefits of the ArmorThane™ ArmorLiner System

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